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    January 10, 2015 maegan

    We’re starting the year fresh!  If you’re looking for fresh food and drinks to energize and nourish you throughout the day, look no further. Fresh Restaurants are ready to step into the scene. Are you vegan? Find all you need and more at Fresh. Life is busy and keeping up with eating healthy can be tough. With a wide selection of fresh vegetables, fruits and delicious toppings, you will find lunch, dinner, and snack, all in the same place. Having started in 1999, with a focus on making fresh, real juices for people to try, Fresh knows what customers care about. They have listed to you over the years, and each time keep updating their menu with new and exciting recipes. Ready to give it a try?

    Get the most out of Fresh with the maegan™ app. Now pre-order all your meals with convenience and ease. Even better, get a $5 discount on your first order!

    Are you a business owner wanting to implement mobille ordering? Here’s why you should:

    Improved Accuracy

    First, online ordering enables the restaurant to be as specific as they wish on options available to the customer. Allowing for a wider selection, customization and accuracy. Is delivery option available? Make sure the address is always correct. Do they have a gluten allergy? Let the customer customize their order. Online ordering leaves the control and accuracy on the customer’s hand, allowing for less mistakes on from the staff; diminishing confusion or misunderstandings. Thus, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

    Improved Operational Efficiency

    With a fully integrated solutions, there is no need to have an extra staff for take-out orders. All the information is seamlessly transferred into your POS. Plus, no additional tables, waiters, or increased space is needed to accommodate the extra service. Increase your orders without blowing up your operational budget.

    Thinking about delivery? Choose an integrated solution that connects to your POS and sends the orders to the courier. All you need to do is cook the food and have it ready for the driver. Voila!

    Collect Crucial Customer Data

    Serve your customers better by knowing their preferences. Have a record of each order in the system, and track the most popular items, average order cost, sales revenue, and where your customers come from – if delivery is available.  Benefiting you, and allowing the customers to enjoy more of what they love.  

    Customization: “Customers buy with their eyes”

    An eye catching mouthwatering dish is very tempting to a hungry person. Make sure your customers are drawn to your menu, whether online or in an app, with high quality pictures and customized to fit your brand’s message. Online ordering will give you the freedom to make your location look as appealing and delicious as the food itself. Draw them in, and win them over.

    Don’t Sacrifice Customer Interaction

    All this online talk may be getting you worried about sacrificing customer interaction, don’t worry. Most online platforms provide customer service. Meaning, when a customer has an issue with their order, they are provided a way to reach a customer service representative by either by phone, email, text and so on. Make sure you’re choosing a company that places a high emphasis on treating your customers the way you would.

    In addition to that, with pick-up orders, customers will still have to come into the restaurant, therefore, providing a connection between the business and the customer – without any frustration of waiting in line.

    For more information on mobile ordering, visit out blog post TOO MANY CHOICES, HOW DO I CHOOSE A FOOD ORDERING PLATFORM RIGHT FOR ME?

    and contact us at or  (866) 962-3426, we would love to help!


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